Task Force Meetings


Date Agenda Documents Minutes
October 13, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Documents Minutes (PDF)
June 23, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Documents Minutes (PDF)
September 13, 2022 Agenda (PDF) No Additional Documents Minutes (PDF)
March 18, 2022 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF) Minutes (PDF)


Date Agenda Documents Minutes
Oct. 18, 2021 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
Sept. 8, 2021 Agenda (PDF) Agenda/Minutes/Definitions (PDF)
Findings and Recommendations (PDF)
Appendix: NUSF Overview (PDF)
Appendix: Agriculture Subcommittee Findings (PDF)
Appedix: Broadband Technologies(PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
May 17, 2021 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
Sept. 11, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Presentations (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
Feb.7, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)


Date Agenda Documents Minutes
Oct. 18, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Report and Appendices
Minutes (PDF)
Sept. 20, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Agenda, Minutes and Findings/Recommendations (PDF)
All Appendices (PDF)

NUSF Recommendations (PDF)
Appendix 6 NUSF Overview (PDF)
Appendix 7 Broadband Coverage by ILEC (PDF)

Public-Private Partnership Recommendations (PDF)
Appendix 8 Public-Private Partnership Models and Resources (PDF)

Broadband Data Recommendations (PDF)
Appendix 4 Supplemental Information--Broadband Data and Mapping (PDF)

Broadband Technologies Findings (PDF)
Appendix 5 Supplemental Information--Broadband Technologies (PDF)

Homework Gap and Leveraging Funding Subcommittee Recommendations (PDF)
Appendix 9 Broadband Adoption Data and Broadband in Nebraska Libraries (PDF)
Appendix 10 Nebraska Homework Gap Survey Results (PDF)

Federal Rural Broadband Infrastructure Funds (PDF)

Minutes (PDF)
Aug.16, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Draft Report-Text only (PDF)
Draft Report-Formatted (PDF)
Draft Appendices (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
May 3, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Presentations (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
March 29, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
Feb. 25, 2019 Agenda (PDF) Presentations--Seward County and Nebraska Farm Bureau (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
Dec. 10, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Presentations (PDF)
Minutes (PDF)
Nov. 7, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Broadband Costs Presentation(PDF)
Oct. 15, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF)
Cullen Robbins' Presentation
Sept. 24, 2018 Agenda (PDF) Documents (PDF) Minutes